smoke detector

Nov 08, 2018

    Smoke is actually another name for smoke detectors or smoke alarms. The smoke detector realizes fire prevention by monitoring the concentration of smoke. The smoke detector is equipped with an ion smoke sensor. The ion smoke sensor is a technologically advanced, stable and reliable sensor, which is widely used in various fire alarm systems. Among them, the performance is far superior to the fire alarm of the gas sensor.
     It has a radioactive source inside and outside the ionization chamber, and the positive and negative ions generated by ionization move to the positive and negative electrodes under the action of the electric field. Under normal conditions, the current and voltage of the internal and external ionization chambers are stable. Once there is smoke and escapes from the ionization chamber, it interferes with the normal movement of the charged particles, the current and voltage will change, destroying the balance between the internal and external ionization chambers, so the wireless transmitter sends a wireless alarm signal to inform the remote receiving host. Pass the alarm message out.
     The smoke is divided into two types: intelligent and normal. The intelligent direct feedback fire alarm signal is given to the fire alarm controller. The common type requires an external input module. The fire alarm signal is fed back to the fire alarm controller by the input module.
     smoke detector

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