smoke detector how it works

Dec 04, 2018

      The smoke is rising and reaching the bottom of the ceiling. The smoke alarm found a fire through the smoke. When you don't see the flame or smell the smoke, the smoke detector already knows. It works non-stop, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, never stops. In the event of an alarm, it makes a whistling sound until the smoke dissipates. It worked until it was burned in a real fire. There are two types of sensors for independent smoke detectors in residential buildings: one is an ion sensor and the other is a photoelectric sensor. Ion sensors work by measuring the balance of positive and negative charges in the air. Inside the sensor, there is a small piece of radioactive material that produces a tiny current in the air flowing through the sensing chamber. On the board, there is a computer chip to monitor this current. When the smoke particles enter the sensing chamber, they will disturb the balance of positive and negative charges, and will also change the current. As the smoke gradually increases, the imbalance between positive and negative charges will increase.

smoke detector how it works
    When this balance reaches a certain limit, the horn will ring. Photoelectric sensors measure the concentration of smoke through a beam of light and a sensor of light. When the device is designed, the beam is off the sensor. When the smoke enters the sensing chamber, the smoke particles will scatter some of the light beam onto the sensor. As the concentration of smoke gradually increases, more beams are scattered onto the sensor. When the beam reaching the sensor reaches a certain level, the buzzer will sound. Installation method: Install a cigarette sensation every 25-40 square meters in the room, and install smoke sensation 0.5-2.5 meters above the important equipment.
Select a suitable mounting area and fix the seat with screws. Connect the smoke-sensitive color to the fixed seat.
     Draw two holes on the ceiling or on the wall according to the holes in the mounting bracket.
     Drill two holes in two holes.
     Insert two plastic waist pins into the two holes and attach the back of the mounting bracket to the wall.
     Insert and tighten the mounting screws until the mounting bracket is securely removed.
     The detector is a closed device and is not allowed to open. Please insert the battery into the compartment on the back of the unit.
     The back of the detector is placed against the installed position and turned clockwise. And make sure that the two screw heads have been slipped into the waist hole.
Press the test button lightly to see if the detector is working properly.

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