home security alarm system cost

Mar 09, 2019

Equipment costs for a home security system depend on the size of your property, the number of entrances, and the occupants.
Alarm system equipment prices start at around $300 on the lower end and can go to over $1,000 for a typical home (or even $2,000 to $3,000 for a larger home) that wants cameras and smart home technology.
Keep in mind that hardwired devices can be cheaper on a per-part basis compared to some modern wireless security systems, but your total bill will be much higher. Wired systems require that you hire an electrician to drill into your walls and ceilings to lay wires.
Here’s the equipment you can find in your average residential wireless alarm system, followed by price ranges for each item:
Alarm panel: $20-60
Security camera: $20-$40
PIR motion sensor: $10-30
Entry sensors: $10-30
Glass break detector: $10-$30
Smoke/heat detector: $5-$20
Siren: $5-$20
Keypad: $2-10
Keyfob: $2-$4
Freeze sensor: $3-$5
Flood sensor: $2-$4
Prices vary between brands. If these prices sound like they're outside your budget, don't worry—you can still get the protection you need. Just don't buy the whole thing at once; much like computers, you can save a lot of money by getting a more basic product first and upgrading later.

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